Stock Formulas

Data from corporate filings converted to use in spreadsheets

Custom Modeling

We provide the tools, you provide the brains

Latest Data

No updates required, your model will always have the latest information

Unlock Company Data with Buycel Formulas

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Your typical spreadsheet functionality, just smarter.

Save Time & Money

Save Time & Money

We update all your data in a matter of seconds for up to date decisions.

Free to Try

Free to Try

Start with a FREE account. You’ve got nothing to lose!

Data Transparency:

With our relative functions your analysis stays relevant as new data becomes available.

List Insert:

Quickly analyze an entire industry by utilizing our lists of industries and segments.


All data can be traced back to the corporate filing. We provide the option to audit your own analysis.

Latest Data:

We use SEC Filings as our direct source to ensure you will always have the latest, data

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