Buycel's Audit Tool

Now that you are comfortable building spreadsheets on Buycel, have you ever thought about where we are pulling all this information? Our information is pulled from the latest SEC Filings, but did you know know you have the ability to trace back to each filing?

inside look - image 1

If you click on the “A” in the bottom left corner this will open up the audit page, which outlines all of the data on the spreadsheet and ultimately links to the SEC filings where your data came from.

Click on the link of any of the companies and you can find the exact file your data came from. Your spreadsheets will automatically update the new data. Save time researching stocks by doing it all in one place!inside look - image 2

Get started with Buycel today and you’ll be able to perform analysis like this and much more!

Get started building your model!

Legal Notice – Buycel does not make recommendations or offer investment advice of any kind and is not responsible for the accuracy of data provided by external data sources. Please review our legal policy for further details.

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