Format Data

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Format Data in the Cells

You can format data in your spreadsheets in a variety of ways using the options in the spreadsheet toolbar. You can hover over an icon on the toolbar to see a message describing what that option can do. You can also use menu button to process data format.

Here are the main formatting options:

  • Undo or redo last operation
  • Change the number, date or currency format
  • Add number custom
  • Format cell contents
  • Change font size
  • Add bold or strike through
  • Change color of the text or a background color
  • Add different type of borders
  • Align text
  • Merge cells
  • Wrap text
  • Format brush
  • Add formulas
  • Disable/enable cells


Cut, Copy, Paste

Buycel’s spreadsheet¬†allows your to copy and paste text and images between your cells or tabs. You can either use keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V), the options under the Edit menu, or the icons in the toolbar to copy and paste.

Here are some examples of things you can do:

  • Copy a set of cells in a spreadsheet, and paste it into another place in the spreadsheet as a properly formatted table
  • Copy something in your work computer and paste it into your spreadsheet cell

When you copy data, the border of the cell or range of cells will turn solid to help you remember where you copied the data from. When you cut data from a cell or a range of cells, you’ll see a dotted line around the cell(s).

Copying and pasting in the spreadsheet copies all properties of a cell into the cell you’re pasting into, including text, formatting, and data validation. The paste special option gives you more control about what properties you’re copying and pasting into a range of cells. An icon is popup during paste the cell information, in the drop-down list of this icon, you can select different paste options.

  • Paste
  • Paste only with data and calculate
  • Paste only with calculate and format
  • Only paste with style
  • Reverse paste


Add, Edit, Delete Comments

To add a comment to your spreadsheet, follow these steps:

  • Click the cell you want to insert a comment
  • Right-click the cell and select Insert Comment
  • A popup window will appear
  • Enter the text of your comment
  • An orange mark will show in the top left corner of the cell where you inserted the comment

To view a comment after it has been inserted hover the mouse over the orange comment indicator. Then, right-click the cell and select one of the menu options to edit or delete the comment.

You can also insert comments from Insert menu and click Insert comment button.


Format Currency

You can format numbers in the sheet in a currency to correctly display the data in your spreadsheet. To do this, select the cell you want to format and click Format menu and select Currency button. Or you select the currency icon to process.\

From the drop down list, you can select different currency. You can also choose use symbol or currency code to process, and select decimal places too.

For negative numbers, there are 3 pre-defined formats for your to select and apply.


Format Date

You can format numbers in the sheet in a date to correctly display the data in your spreadsheet. To do this, select date icon from toolbar to process.

Click More… button under date icon, you will be able to apply more date format.